Parental Control Monitor 3.1: Parental control software, child protection of internet online safety

Parental Control Monitor 3.1

Parental Control Monitor is an excellent parental control program for child computer usage and internet online safety. This parental control software integrates internet/web filtering, time control, screen monitoring, and other advanced control and management technology. With power functional application, the parent can control and determine what day and time the child can use the computer, how much time can be spend on internet at a time, which

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SurveilStar Any Parental Control 1.2.2: Parental Control Software to monitor kids` online activity and record everything

SurveilStar Any Parental Control 1.2.2

Parental Control Software also can be used in many browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and etc. Besides, SurveilStar Any Parental Control also provides parents the ability to password protect your web traffic statistics to ensure that only authorized people have access to SurveilStar Control Center. In a word, SurveilStar Any Parental Control can provide parents a reliable solution to make sure your kids online safety by monitoring

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Time Boss PRO 2.50: Best parental control software in advanced network PRO edition now

Time Boss PRO 2.50

parental control software. System administrators will benefit from its clear report system and such features as indication of remaining time, adjusting warning messages, allowed and forbidden software and many more. Considering its price and functionality, Time Boss PRO is an ideally balanced solution for home and business use. With Time Boss you can be sure your children do not spend too much time playing games, and your employees aren’t busy

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Time Boss 2.50: The best parental control software on the market.

Time Boss 2.50

Transcendent award-winning parental control software, Time Boss gives You an ability to manage exactly what, when and how long other user can do on the computer. It offers adjusted powerful tools combining with user-friendly multilingual interface. Program features event and snapshot journal, usage statistics, black and white program and website lists, "stealth" mode, folder locking, etc... You can adjust everything to your personal needs.

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AllowBlock 2.12: Parental control content filter type software. Blocks or allows selected sites.

AllowBlock 2.12

AllowBlock is a parental control software. Its internet content filter blocks or allows visiting selected websites in Internet Explorer. One may create two lists of websites: allowed and blocked. If a website is on allowed list then its contents are displayed in the browser, if not then the browser is forwarded to a blocked info page. Features include access and uninstall password protection.

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Parental Control PRO 2.24: Stealth Parental Control Software For Computer Monitoring

Parental Control PRO 2.24

Parental Control PRO is a stealth application that can secretly record information on your PC: records websites visited, usernames, passwords, screenshots, incoming and outgoing emails, both sides of chat conversations and more. Parental Control PRO allows you to specify what days and hours your children may access the computer, internet, or any game and application on your system! Get more info at Parental Control PRO runs

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littleye-1.8 1.8: This is the Firefox Plugin for the littleye parental control software.

littleye-1.8 1.8

This is the Firefox Plugin for the littleye parental control software.

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REFOG Time Sheriff Set permits and restrictions with parental control software.

REFOG Time Sheriff

If you are concerned your kids are spending too much time using computer games or your staff are spending too much time using instant messaging programs, parental control software such as Time Sheriff is what you need. Using such software, you can set time limits to certain programs or set time limits for how long a certain user can be on the computer. You can also use it to set prohibitions or restrictions on users or entire groups.

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Big Brother Pro 1.3.22: Professional Undetectable Parental Control Software

Big Brother Pro 1.3.22

BigBrother Pro is the leading internet parental control software. BigBrother Pro is a PC stealth monitoring software that works in total secrecy, undetectable by computer users. Records BOTH SIDES of MSN, Yahoo, AOL Messengers, records INCOMING and OUTGOING Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. With the best cost/performance ratio yet full featured monitoring software, BigBrother Pro records all PC activities.

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PC Chaperone 5.7: Internet filters, parental controls, instant messenger controls, user monitoring

PC Chaperone 5.7

parental control with all the features of PC Chaperone for a better price we will give you a FREE professional license! PC Chaperone is an all-in-one parental control, Internet filtering, and user-monitoring package that includes all of the features you would expect and some you won`t find anywhere else! STEALTH MODE: Prevent users from seeing that you`re controlling or watching them with the optional stealth mode. INTERNET FILTERING: Filter Internet

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